Why is Louisiana a dream state to many couples with kids

If you have ever been to Louisiana, then you already know how great and unique this Deep Southern US state is. But, if you haven’t, maybe it’s time to change something. Make a little tour and get to know its lifestyle, friendly neighborhoods, and kind residents. But, be careful. It may easily become the place you would like to call home. And this is especially if you are a family person. In fact, once when you move there you’ll soon realize why Louisiana is a dream state to many couples with kids. Just to tickle your imagination a bit, here’s a story about that.

 People who welcome you open-hearted

Raising a family is not an easy task. You want your kids to get the best possible environment where they can grow up free and happy. That’s why the right choice of neighborhood is crucial. And in the state of Louisiana, this won’t be a problem at all. There you will find so many great neighborhoods, that cherish strong community bonds, and are, above all, safe. However, it’ll definitely take you some time until you get used to their a bit slower living pace.

What’s more, in Louisiana, you’ll never feel like an outsider, no matter which part of the world you come from. The residents there would give their best to make you feel comfortable and at home. And, there aren’t many places in the world that will offer you something like this. So, it’d be better to speed up your relocation and reach your perfect home as soon as possible.

A person is standing in front of a doormat saying 'welcome on board'.
Wherever you go in Louisiana, you’ll feel like you belong there.

Affordability – one of the reasons why Louisiana is a dream state to many couples with kids

If you decide to employ Zippy Shell Louisiana moving services, and you come to live in the Pelican State, you will be surprised at how affordable life can be. In fact, some recent studies say that Louisiana’s living costs go much below the average. Its strong economy, and a rather friendly approach towards small businesses, make this state a place with a promising future. Plus, the unemployment rate has been in a slight decrease in the past several years.

And when there comes the moment to find an affordable home, there is no place for worry either. The real estate market in this state is also pretty favorable, and it is possible to get a decent family place, which will not leave you penniless.

A good education for your children

One thing is for sure- in the Pelican State education is not an issue. The system of public schools in the state is great, and they all offer high-quality education, on every level. Like everywhere else in Louisiana, schools cherish a safe and friendly atmosphere, and they all respect diversity.

And, once when your kids get to the university level, you won’t have to bother with yet another relocation. The state of Louisiana has more than 40, both public and private colleges your kids can enroll. Furthermore, the state’s Tulane University appears on the list of the top best universities in the whole USA. That’ll say that in terms of education, your saving money, and moving to Louisiana is definitely the best you can do for your kids.

Graduate students are throwing their caps up in the air.
Make sure your kids learn from the best.

Nice outdoors for your family gatherings

What more can a family wish for than a perfect outdoors where they can spend most of their free time playing and hanging out together? And, when the climate is perfect, with beautiful sunny days almost the whole year, then mild winters, and only a little bit of rain, that place seems like a paradise. But, now that paradise has its name. It’s called the state of Louisiana. Maybe this is exactly why many people think Louisiana is a dream state to many couples with kids. They can be outside most of the time. All it’s needed is a fishing rod, some hiking equipment, and bikes for the kids.

And if they live in a flat, and they don’t have enough space for everything, here is a pretty convenient solution for extra stuff – nice portable storage. What’s more, having some storage space will solve the problems with the kids’ toys, seasonal clothes, and all pairs of shoes most of us don’t know what to do with.

You’ll always have something interesting to do

Apart from being a dream place for all the sports lovers, who can perform their activities everywhere and at anytime, Louisiana has many other interesting occupations for the whole family.

  • Have a ride to wonderful Louisiana’s Holly Beach and enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and collecting shells with your little ones.
  • Take your kids to one of the exciting bird-watching sites and meet some amazing bird species.
  • Make an educational tour through Gators and Friends Alligator Park and Exotic Zoo, one of the places most kids adore since they can really come close to the gators, and even hold them if they want.
  • Spend a day off in one of the parks that are especially suitable for family picnics, camping trips, hiking, or a relaxing walk by the lake. You would be enchanted by the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of nature and the wildlife you can actually feel.

Don’t you say it doesn’t seem alluring? There is nothing else you should wait for. Give your family a chance to experience all of this. Prepare for the move, get some professionals who can make things easier and cheaper, and start your new life in Louisiana.

There is a father with his daughter at the beach in Louisiana.
Take your chance to live in the best place for your kids’ growing up.

Now you probably understand why Louisiana is a dream state to many couples with kids, and why numbers of them come to stay in the Pelican State every single year. So, if you need a nice, quiet, and yet active place, where you can enjoy nature, great outdoor, and ensure a good education for your kids, then we think you’ve definitely found a place for yourself.

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