Ways to save money after a big move

It is not a secret that moving is not cheap, especially when moving from state to state or overseas. There are some ways to cut some of the moving costs, but also you can save money after a big move and spend money on traveling, rent, exploring a new city, etc. Luckily, we have some tips that will increase your budget after moving. Moving doesn’t need to break a bank if you are organized and if your finances are organized too.

Hiring an affordable moving company

It is possible to hire a moving company and to have an affordable relocation – local or long distance. It is even possible to save money when moving long-distance if you pack by yourself, find free moving boxes, ask friends for help, etc.

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Learn how to save money after a big move, it is easy and simple


Research moving companies from your area, select a couple of them, and then compare their services and bids. After you checked the company’s license and insurance, ask for an in-home moving estimate and you will get the accurate moving price. Try to negotiate with a mover and you may get a better price, and if you are able, move off-season if you need to move far away from the Big Apple.

Renting a storage unit instead of renting a bigger apartment

Rent is one of the biggest costs after moving, and no matter where you are moving, rent is not cheap. Some cities, such as NYC, have very very expensive rent per month. Choose a smaller apartment for the beginning, enough for you and your family, and store items in a storage unit. It is cheaper to rent a storage facility then to pay for a bigger place. Some moving companies offer storage services too, and one of them is Movers 101 NYC. This way, your new apartment won’t be cluttered and messy.

Unpack by yourself to save money after a big move

Packing and unpacking services are not cheap, this is why you should unpack by yourself to save money. People spend too much money when moving and they don’t need to. Especially for things that you can do by yourself. When packing, label all the boxes and you will know which box to unpack first. Big relocations can cost a lot, and you need to find ways to cut costs and spend money on other important things.

Calculating how to save money after a big move.
Calculate the costs of your move and costs you will have after a big move

Sell items you don’t need

After moving, you will probably have items that cannot fit into your new apartment. What to do with those items? One of the options that can help you earn money is to sell them. This way, you will save money after a big move because you will rent a smaller place and you will earn money by selling things. Sell online and if you are moving into a house, organize a garage sale.

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