Veteran’s benefits to buying a house in Florida

Buying a house in Florida after retiring is a dream come true for many people. This is a perfect destination for this. It’s peaceful, the weather is always hot. You can spend your days on some of the amazing Floridas beaches. What’s there not to love? There are also lots you can do here, it’s not only retirement homes or villages here. Miami is in Florida – a famous urban city. So, if you are looking to buy a house here, you are in the right place. Florida can also offer some benefits for veterans as a thank you for their honorable service. This is a common practice because veterans deserved it. They should be relaxing somewhere nice after all the hard work they had to endure during their time in the army.

Benefits for veterans in Florida

This state has some special benefits for its military Service members and Veterans. This includes homestead tax exemptions, state employment preferences, education, tuition assistance, and vehicle tags. Hunting and fishing license privileges are also included in benefits for veterans here which is a great way to spend your days enjoying those sunny days. You should also know that eligible resident veterans with a VA certified service-connected disability of 10 percent or greater (any kind of disability) are entitled to a $5,000 property tax exemption which can be helpful when buying a house. Also, please note that disabled veterans don’t pay any tolls in Florida. Actually, Florida was named – the number one state for veterans. After Florida, New York is in second place. As you can see there is no better place for veterans than in here so let’s see what else you need to know about this house buying and relocation.

Florida is one of the best states for veterans.

Buying a house – the bank and veteran rates

You will probably need help from a bank. Banks often give veterans better rates so make sure to go to your banker and talk about the rates. You will be needing a down payment that’s usually around 10 percent, but your banker will tell you if there is some way around this. In case you have a good credit score you will get better mortgage rates. This is how the system works. You will be able to do some research before going to the bank about rates, etc., but it’s important to talk about that with your baker because those things are individual and depend on many factors. Rates are not the same for everybody so start with the bank and get approval.

Buying a house – choosing

When choosing where you will be buying a house you need to think about lots of factors. For example, do you like the suburban feel of peace and quiet or do you like to be where all the happenings are? Also, think about what kind of a house you want, do you want a backyard too? You can go online house hunting to see the prices and get some basic info. In case this all seems confusing you should hire a realtor to help you out. Just talk to them, let them know about your budget and wishes, and do their best to find you a perfect house. Many realtors have special discounts for veterans.

buying a house as a veteran
Veterans always have some special discount, as they should.

Relocation and who can help you

Relocations are hard for everybody. Heavy lifting, planning, packing, and all the logistics can make everyone feel overwhelming. That’s why many people choose to call professional movers to help them out. Trustworthy people are there for you to help you like all other veterans relocate stress-free.

Florida for veterans – what to do

Orlando is officially the best city for veterans in Florida. If you want to retire later on in some retirement place you will have so many to choose from in each city and you will have some amazing benefits. Everglades National Park is a great place to visit in Florida and have fun enjoying free weekends. If you are looking to have some road trip and adventure Sanibel Island will satisfy your needs for fun. Fort Walton Beach is great for sunbathing and swimming but honestly, Florida is full of amazing beaches.

There is so much to choose from here when you are in the mood for fun and exploring new and interesting places.

Additional help

Movers like can offer you a variety of additional services, not just basic relocation. They can help you with everything starting from the packing (and let’s be honest packing is a dull chore) to settling in your new place which can be really helpful especially for people with lots of stuff or disabled ones. It’s good to know that you don’t have to do everything on your own. You can of course but that is a choice. If you are doing it on your own ask friends to help you out with furniture and other heavy lifting to avoid any back injuries.

Adaptation after relocation

Adapting to a whole new state and home can be hard so take your time. The best way to start the adaptation period is to unpack right away and start making your new place a home. That way you will be able to explore all the fun things you can do in Florida without all those dull chores like unpacking moving boxes hanging over you. That way you won’t be able to relax so unpack and start your new journey. Make sure to meet your next-door neighbors. People in Florida are pretty friendly and your life will be better here if you make some new friends. Even though the pandemic is still one of the main topics people should socialize. Just make sure to be extra safe. Clean your hands ( wash them ) whenever you can and if you can not –  you can always use gel sanitizer and you are good to go. A global pandemic is not the end of the world.


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