Top 6 Idaho cities for families with kids

There are a lot of Idaho cities for families with kids that might be great for you to move to. Idaho is an overall great place to raise your kids. Of course, we will show you a few and then you can continue your research from there. Moving with kids is never easy so we will also try to help you out with that process too. So, let’s get started, and hopefully, on the way, we will find you a perfect place for you and your family to settle in.

Eagle is one of the fanciest Idaho cities for families with kids

This is a nice and fancy suburb known for its golf courses, spas, and green spaces like riverside Eagle Island State Park, with hiking trails, a swimming beach, and a zip line course. Why is it “the fancy one”? Well, celebrities and rich people usually live in this city so that’s why it has that nickname. The public schools here are very good, all of them are above the national average. Even though it’s a suburban area you have plenty of fancy restaurants, coffee shops, and entertainment areas for you to choose from. If you want to relocate here make sure to find some friendly movers to help you out.

One of the best Idaho cities for families with kids – Caldwell

Caldwell is among the fastest-growing cities in the States. The best of all is that this city has a very low crime rate, low property taxes, and a low cost of living. It’s the combination of everything you are looking for in a city where you want to live. This city is known for its natural beauty but it’s also one of Idaho’s most historically intact neighborhoods. Residents and the government here are all in agreement to preserve its rich architectural history. That way Caldwell can also be a tourist destination. Schools here (public schools) are also above average. If you think Caldwell can be a good place for you and your kids make sure to turn to people in the area to help you with settling in here.

A cottage in one of the best Idaho cities for families with kids - Caldwell
Caldwell is exceptionally beautiful during the winter months.

Boise is one of the best Idaho cities for young professionals too

This is another one of the popular cities. The difference here is job opportunities. There are plenty of them for young professionals. Their tech scene is growing and the IT crowd can find some good jobs here. The prices are similar – meaning they are very reasonable. For example, the median home price is $221,475. All the prices are lower than the national average making this city very practical. But, this city has one problem – in the morning it can be smelly (problems with sewage).

Burley – one of the cheapest cities in Idaho

Your dollar can take you further in this town. It’s officially the cheapest place to live in Idaho but being affordable doesn’t mean anything bad. This is still quite a nice city and the public schools are pretty good. This can mean you can buy a great big house for a smaller price and enjoy the lifestyle you are used to for a lesser price. This is a great community to raise a family. It’s also a very safe city.

Idaho Falls

This city has some amazing parks with the best waterfalls. According to our research Idaho Falls is a good place to relocate because of its growing, yet affordable, housing market. Another plus for this city is their healthcare that might be the best in Idaho. If the long distance from your old home to one of those cities makes you nervous turn to professionals in order to get there with no trouble.

Idaho falls
The natural beauty of this town is amazing.

Sandpoint is one of the prettiest Idaho cities

This city in northern Idaho is surely the most beautiful one. All the residents agree on this one and if you visit this Idaho city you will see it too. This town offers a lot of activities for outdoorsy families. If you want to live in a friendly and relaxed place – this is the town for you. But keep in mind this is a small town so there won’t be as much to do as you might get in a big city so do research before coming here.

Moving to one of those Idaho cities

Choosing for you and your family a new city to live in will be hard. We picked these cities because they are overall safe and have good public schools. You of course need to do more thorough research after reading this. Make sure to include all your family members in this decision. The kids need to feel included too. When the time comes for your family to relocate, make sure to hire professional movers at for any help and assistance you might need.

Professional movers loading a moving truck.
Professional assistance is a must for any successful move especially when the kids are involved.

Moving with kids

Relocations are hard to conduct even without kids. There is a lot of planning, packing, logistics, and stress involved. Now add the kids into that mix – seems hectic right? If the kids are big they can help you with packing, but smaller children cant help out. They still have their needs and routine you need to tend to make packing all your household items quite difficult. That’s why people with kids usually hire movers to help them out. They can help you with every step along the way. They can come and do the packing for you. That way you know all your beloved belongings will be safe on the road and they will get to your new place safely. Also, they can deal with all those heavy lifting and things you should definitely avoid. Of course, you can do everything on your own without movers and it might be cheaper that way. Hiring movers is just an easy way out and stress-free experience that you deserve.

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