Tips for preparing kitchen appliances for self-storage

We all have plenty of kitchen appliances in our homes. This is because you simply can’t get enough of them. Pots, cutlery, openers, cutters, blenders, knives. All these things are used. But the truth is unless you are a professional cook, you don’t use most of these all the time. You use them maybe once in a few months. And keeping these appliances in your home just creates unnecessary clutter which is definitely something you don’t need. This is why removing these items from your home is very important. And renting out a self-storage unit is the best way to do so. Here’s where you’ll find a couple of tips for preparing kitchen appliances for self-storage.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Before you start preparing kitchen appliances for self-storage you need to declutter your kitchen. Decluttering most definitely means getting rid of things that you don’t need or use ever or things that are just too old to use. You can most likely donate these appliances somewhere or sell them online if they are in good condition. It is just important that you do the decluttering.

Flea market.
You can sell the things that you don’t need.

Remember not to hold onto useless items. This just leads to needing more packing supplies and more space in your storage unit which are both things that are going to cost you money. And why waste money on useless things?

Get the right packing supplies

Once you have gotten rid of the useless appliances that you were keeping, you can now get to actually preparing kitchen appliances for self-storage. And the first step is to get the right packing supplies. You are going to need boxes. Medium-size boxes will be enough. Get a couple of them. You also need packing tape as well as bubble pack or wrapping paper. Packing peanuts are also welcome.

All of these things are going to come in handy when it is time to pack. Print out labels for the boxes too. Labeling is very important if you want to be able to easily access anything you need whenever you need it.

Cardboard boxes.
Nothing is possible without the right packing supplies.

Divide and then pack

You can’t just randomly start throwing things into boxes. You need to make it as organized as possible in order to be able to reach easily for whatever you need. Pack plates with plates. Knives with knives. Pots with pots. It needs to make sense in order for it to be well-organized.

Make sure that you are stacking from the biggest items to the smallest ones when packing boxes. Every box needs to be filled properly and nicely. Nothing should be tumbling around. Fill the empty space in the boxes with packing peanuts. This is important if you are storing electronic kitchen appliances.

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