Tips for planning a long-distance move budget

Moving long-distance is challenging and requires lots of planning. Otherwise, your moving day can turn out to be a disaster and disappointment. We have a word or two on planning a long-distance move budget, one of the key factors for having a successful relocation. As you’ll soon find out, with a strategic spending plan, a move doesn’t have to destroy your finances, and you can keep everything under control. So without further ado, let’s move on to a perfect plan for a sound budget.

Estimating the cost as the first step in planning a long-distance move budget

A good starting point is getting free online estimates, that is, calculating your moving costs. By doing so, you’ll have a pretty good idea of the cost. Then, estimate other expenses, such as moving supplies. Round that number, and start saving on time. But remember, more is better than less. 

A lamp, mug, laptop, and cactus
When planning a long-distance move budget, getting a free estimate helps determine your moving expenses and is just a few clicks away.

Avoid moving during pick season

You should know that finding affordable movers is not enough for having a move on a budget. Choosing the right time is essential in trimming unnecessary spending. The more time spent on the road, the higher the cost. Thus moving from May to September is out of the question and the same goes for holidays. The middle of the month and weekdays are the way to go.

What else is there when planning a long-distance move budget?

Doing packing by yourself is a good way to upgrade your long-distance budget plan. We all can pack for a move, but not everyone can survive lifting heavy boxes and items. If you’re on a tight budget, take this part upon your shoulders and save on the move.

The process of moving is presented in a picture: woman packing as a part of long-distance move budget plan, movers getting boxes into a truck, and moving them to another house
By packing on your own, you will end up paying less amount of money for your moving day.

Wait a sec! There’s more to it!

What do you think, how much can boxes and packing materials run you? A few hundred dollars, that’s right. Luckily, you can use recycled boxes, and in that way, save a great deal of money. Plus, they usually come with packing materials. Isn’t that great?

Downsize and save on a move

Before you start packing, take an inventory of which items you need and which don’t. You’ll find that money-saving tips for the move regarding packing and downsizing are invaluable. But how can you get rid of the stuff you don’t need? There are a couple of options:

  • give people you know
  • give away to the charities
  • host a yard sale
  • sell to a pawnshop
  • sell online

By doing so, you saved a great deal of money on moving supplies. As our professionals from Moving Cost Calculator stated, the weight of items is essential when calculating the cost of moving, so there you go! And it would be wise if the money earned went straight into a moving budget. 

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