Tips for moving during a rainstorm

Rain is believed to be a sign of blessing and good luck In almost all cultures around the world. However, even though you do need all the luck when you move and start a new life in a new place, you’d probably prefer it if it doesn’t rain. Moving during a rainstorm can really ruin your move and make it more difficult. It can cause troubles and pose extra challenges to your relocation. You need to keep your belongings safe and avoid the risk of accidents and injuries which is considerably higher when moving during rainstorms.

Moving during a rainstorm

So, what to do if you are not able to reschedule your move? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Make sure to start planning and preparing on time. Here are some of the useful tips to help you pack and prepare if you are moving during a rainstorm.

person moving during a rainstorm with umbrella
Moving during a rainstorm can go smooth if you prepare well.

Packing precautions to protect your items from a rainstorm

The most important thing in order to keep your items safe is to protect them from the rain. Make sure to use plastic bins or old towels and garbage bags to protect the boxes. You can also reinforce your boxes with extra layers of tape or cover them with plastic sheets. Also, be careful when you pack boxes in a moving truck.

Dress appropriately when moving during a rainstorm

Another thing to take care of is your health. Make sure you have dressed appropriately so you don’t catch a cold. Use a raincoat or any other waterproof clothes. Make sure your shoes or boots are also waterproof. Prepare an extra pair of shoes and socks just in case.

Wrap your belongings

Make sure to wrap everything you can. From items that go into boxes to boxes themselves. You can secure your items by putting them in plastic bags before packing them in the box. You can also use the same plastic or garbage bags to protect the boxes. Old towels work too, especially for breakable items. Make sure to cover your furniture with plastic sheets.

Use professional assistance to help you pack and move during a rainstorm

Moving is hard, let alone moving during a rainstorm. This is why hiring professional movers might be a good idea. Let the team of experienced people give you a hand and make this move easy and safe for both you and your belongings.

movers and moving truck
Don’t hesitate to seek help from professionals in order for your move to be simple and easy, especially during rainstorms.

Make short distances when moving during a rainstorm

If possible, try to back up the moving truck as close as you can to your home or building entrance. The goal is to shorten the distance and avoid getting your boxes and items wet. If not possible then you can set up an assembly line. This will help the entire process when moving during a rainstorm and make unloading so much quicker.

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