Tips for buying a multifamily property in Fort Lauderdale

Buying a property in Fort Lauderdale is not a big problem. There are plenty of houses available. But most of them are for a single family. However, buying a multifamily property in Fort Lauderdale can be a bit trickier. Not impossible of course. You just need the right kind of help and resources. We are here to help. So all you need to do is keep reading and soon enough you will find your dream home for your big family. Or you can do it as an investment obviously. We are not saying it will be easy, after all choosing the ideal home can take some time but you will at least know how to do it. Also, when the time comes, we can show you who can help you with moving there. Moving a big family can be quite challenging, but it doesn’t have to be hard. There are ways to have a stress-free relocation. You will see it soon.

Know the types available

From a financial or investment perspective, all multifamily properties are treated equally. Before deciding on a specific investment, it’s important to do thorough research to determine which options will help you achieve your financial objectives. If you do your homework, you might discover that a property type other than the one you had in mind is better suited to your needs or the local rental market. Residential multifamilies (including duplexes and also triplexes, or even fourplexes), and housing (apartment) complexes, are the most common forms of multifamily real estate. Did you know that Fort Lauderdale is one of the most affordable towns in Florida?

A property to consider if you are planning on buying a multifamily property in Fort Lauderdale
First, you need to figure out what kind of multifamily property will suit your needs the most.

Are you buying for yourself or as an investment?

Location, building quality, and positive cash flow are the three hallmarks of a successful multifamily residential property. “Multi-unit” is the real estate industry standard term for buildings that can house multiple families. Properties with five or more dwelling units are referred to as multi-unit properties. Some people are looking for a great investment and some have big families and they want to live close by. Now, let’s see who can be of help once you find out which Fort Lauderdale you like. Here are some of the best ones you should research first :

  • Colee Hammock
  • Tarpon River
  • Victoria Park
  • Harbor Beach
  • Las Olas Isles

We found some really great properties in these areas so make sure to check them out. Do you know how you can do it from your own home? Keep reading.

We love

If you haven’t used it by now – this is the perfect opportunity for it. Young adults always use this page when buying a property. This is a real estate website that can help you when the time comes for house hunting. You can do it online nowadays. All you need to do is choose the price range and look at what’s available right now. Another great thing about this virtual house hunting – you can also see the pictures of all available properties (beside the prices). This is not the only resource you will be using but it can be a good start when buying a multifamily property in Fort Lauderdale.

A woman sitting in her bed and working on a laptop
You can also download the Zillow app for your phone. That can be very convenient for you – you can look for a property whenever you have some free time.

You will need a real estate agent

While buying a single-family home has some parallels with buying a multifamily property, there are important distinctions that necessitate professional guidance. That’s why it’s crucial to find a local real estate agent, one from Fort Lauderdale, mainly because they know the neighborhood. If this is your first time renting out a property, it is highly recommended that you work with an experienced agent who is familiar with the nuances involved in purchasing a primary residence versus an investment property. It’s in your best interest to look around and speak with multiple agents who specialize in investments before making a final decision. They expect that. After all, you should feel comfortable with the person who is going to help you to find the property you want. Once you find that perfect home or an investment you will need to call Orange Mover to help you with the rest.

Another person you will need to help you out when buying a multifamily property in Fort Lauderdale

We are talking about hiring a home inspector. Even if this is not your first time buying a property, this is the only way to avoid red flags. Sometimes only they can spot some hidden red flags like covered mold or mildew, for example. This is a huge investment on your part no matter how much money you have so why not make sure that you get the best place the money can buy you? Whenever you have a huge task in front of you it’s always the best course to call professionals to help you. For example, when you relocate, you should rely on experts nearby to help you to settle in and unpack quickly.

Two people shaking hands
Finding adequate help is crucial now. Luckily we know who can help!

The investment

Many investors prefer multifamily properties to single-family homes because of the many advantages they provide.
A multifamily dwelling is defined as an architectural structure that contains two or more dwelling units, each of which has its very own kitchen and bathroom. The right multifamily estate can be a profitable enterprise if you have the resources and are willing to put in the time and effort required for management and ongoing maintenance. Hopefully, you will find the right kind of property in Fort Lauderdale very soon. If you are moving there we showed you who can help you to get there safely, so – good luck. You are ready now.

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