Things people are most likely to forget when moving out

When moving out it’s easy to forget many things. This is not unusual, people are often stressed while moving. Also moving day is the day when you have so much on your mind it’s almost impossible to remember everything. It might be helpful to make a to-do list for that day so you don’t forget. In reality, people most often forget the most important things.

Things people forget about when moving out

Documents are commonly forgotten even though they are very important. This is because people usually don’t pack important papers along with household items inside moving boxes. You put your important papers somewhere safe and that’s when accidents happen. You will of course start the packing with the heavy boxes and by the time comes to pick the papers they get forgotten.

Packing and moving out can be very stressful and it’s pretty common to forget some things.


People with small children practically hide their meds. This is because you definitely don’t want kids to take them and play them. That can be dangerous. Out of sight equals out of mind so it’s not unusual for people to forget to pack them especially if those meds are not part of your daily ritual.


Or just about anything that’s on the walls. This is because you stop noticing items on the wall that are there as a decoration. Those things are “hiding in plain sight”. So pack your mirrors, pictures, clocks, and other wall decorations first.

wall decorations you need to pack when moving out
Over time things like wall decorations become invisible for people living with them.

What people forget to do when moving out

Here is a list of things you shouldn’t forget to do before you lock the doors of your old place and go on your new adventure:

  • turn off the lights
  • unplug all electric devices
  • shut the windows and put the blinds on if you have them
  • empty the fridge
  • throw away the trash
  • empty all the draws
  • lock the door

Of course, you know all this but it’s really easy to forget about those little details when you are in a rush.

How to remember everything?

It’s impossible to remember everything so use all the help you can get. There are moving apps that can remind you. Make lists. Set a reminder on your phone. If there are a few of you living in the house you can divide and conquer. For example, you are in charge of the living room and bathroom and your spouse is in charge of the bedroom and kitchen. This way it will be easier and you will have less on your mind. Good luck with your new upcoming adventure and don’t forget to write everything down for the moving day. This is the only way to make sure that you have it all under control.

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