Safest cities in Kentucky for raising a family

When you have a family, you should be particular about where you move. Not only you but your whole family has to be comfortable. There is no better place to raise a family than in Kentucky. Choosing the perfect place for your family’s new home can be difficult. There are many things to consider – the cost of living, schools, and location. But for a family, the most significant thing is safety. Moving Cost Calculator will tell you about the safest cities in Kentucky for raising a family

Reason to move to Kentucky with your family 

Before we tell you about the best cities for families in Kentucky – let’s first see the benefits of the state.

  • First, raising a family is very expensive, and parents constantly worry about their finances. But by moving to Kentucky, you can say goodbye to your financial worries. Kentucky is one of the most affordable states in the country. The cost of living is 17% below the national average. 
  • Second, you will be able to afford the dream family homes. Most families dream of having a home with a backyard where they can spend time together. By moving to Kentucky, you can afford to buy a house even in the safest cities in Kentucky for raising a family. The median home cost in the state is only 165,900 dollars which is 37% lower than the national average. 
  • Third, Kentucky has plenty of outdoor activities. Since phones and computers have become the main source of entertainment for parents and kids, outdoor activities have diminished. In Kentucky, you can go hiking in the Mammoth Cave National Park, Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail, and Mountain State Scenic Trail. Rock-climbing, biking, and camping in many more scenic nature spots you will undoubtedly enjoy.
  • Finally, you can take your family sightseeing in the cities nearby. The most popular destinations are Nashville, Ohio, and Cincinnati. 


brown and gray house, learn about the Safest cities in Kentucky for raising a family
In Kentucky you can afford your ideal family home.

To reap the benefits of moving to Kentucky, first, you’ll need to hire movers. You have plenty of choices but consider one of which can be It’s only true professionals who can handle your family’s stuff without any problems. 

Safest cities in Kentucky for raising a family – Independence

The first city on our list is Independence. Independence is the 12th most populated town in Kentucky, with 28,000 residents. The city is not diverse – most of the population is Caucasian, around 90%. 

The cost of living in Independence is lower than the national average but higher than the average of the state by eight percent. You can expect to see the biggest price difference when buying groceries, transportation, and buying a house or renting. The median home cost in Independence is 234,900 dollars, and the average rent is around 900 dollars. 

But the higher cost of living is justified because there are plenty of things to do in Independence. Visit Boone County Distilling Company for only 8 dollars, learn how they make their drinks, and complete the tour by tasting their amazing products. If you are looking for an exercise hike in Lincoln Ridge Park. When it comes to education, your kids will be covered up to high school. And if you ever want to a bigger city Cincinnati is close. You and your family will be happy in Independence, and when you move into your new home, do not forget to do these things

Learn about distilling in one of the safest cities in Kentucky for raising a family.

Safest cities in Kentucky for raising a family – Florence

The second city in our article is Florence. Jacob Conner settled the area, and the city was first known as Connersville. Later, they changed the name to Florence – like the city in Italy – because there was a city in Harrison County with the same name. 

The population of the city is not very diverse, around 85% are Caucasian. The income per capita is 29,922 dollars, and household income is 56,670 dollars. While income is below the national average, the city’s cost of living is also 10% lower than the average. However, the city is more expensive than the national average. The biggest reason is the costly real estate market. The median home cost in Florence is 225,900 dollars, while the national average is 165,900 dollars. 

Florence is under the Boone County School system. The city even has a community college – Gateway Community and Technical College. 

man doing a skateboarded trick
Your kids will love the skatepark in Florence.

When it comes to activities, you can take your kids to Ollie’s Skatepark, where they can learn how to skate. Go shopping in the Florence Mall. Or go to a family dinner in Smokin’ This and That BBQ.  

Florence can offer many things to a family. You should not hesitate and team up with skilled people – local Florence movers who will help you relocate. Once they have helped you move in, you can truly begin to enjoy everything that this city boasts of.

Moving advice for families

Let’s quickly go over moving advice for a family to move to Kentucky. Since you are a family, you will have a lot of stuff to bring to your new home. To keep everything organized and not lose a thing before you arrive in Kentucky – write everything down. 

With a family relocation, kids usually get in the way, so you need to figure out how to deal with them. We have some suggestions for you: 

  • To keep your kids entertained on your Kentucky relocation let them be a part of the move by giving them small tasks. You can make a pile of unwanted items and tell them to pack them:
  • If you do not want to let them get hurt, you can always give your kids to family members or friends on a moving day until you complete loading the moving truck

Pick the best place in Kentucky 

We have given you some recommendations of the safest cities in Kentucky for raising a family. If they are not up to your standards, research more, and you will find the perfect city for your family.

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