Resources for finding an apartment for rent in Washington DC

Finding a good apartment for rent in Washington DC is not as easy as it sounds. Even though living in Washington is amazing and completely worth it a bit of a hassle to find the best spot. You will be needing some help to find a perfect place for you or for you and your family. Don’t worry, we will help you in order to get you started. Just know that there will be a lot of research involved.

How to get started – finding an apartment for rent in Washington DC

Usually, the best way to start an apartment hunt is by checking them out online. There are a few websites dedicated just to that. The biggest one out there is Zillow. You simply find an area you want and look for apartments for rent there. That way you will be able to see the prices. But also they have pictures and it will be almost like you are there in the place checking it out. Of course, Zillow is not the only one and with a little bit of research, you will find plenty more. This is the best head start and it will give you a bigger picture but this is not the only way to find a place for you to live in for some time.

The real estate agents

It doesn’t matter if you are buying or finding an apartment for rent in Washington DC the ones you need to turn to are real estate agents (or agencies).  It’s their job after all. They can help you find a place in no time. Also, oftentimes apartments are not listed online – they are just given to real estate agents to rent them or to sell them. So as you can see they can find apartments that you can not so it’s worth giving them a shot. Start by interviewing a couple of agents. Tell them everything you are looking for in an apartment but also they need to know your budget. That is the only way they are going to be able to help you.

finding an apartment in Washington DC
Real estate agents can help you with your apartment hunt.

Choosing the neighborhood

Online research for the win once again! Choosing the right neighborhood is also important when it comes to finding an apartment. There is no need to look all around the town. Find a neighborhood that suits you and your needs best and then you can do all those steps we mentioned above. Here is a list of some popular Washington neighborhoods to get you started:

  • Downtown – the best neighborhood if you want to be in the center and close to the best job opportunities
  • Northwest Washington – home to many major landmarks, including Smithsonian museums and the White House.
  • Northeast Washington – the most beautiful neighborhood with some charming houses
  • Foggy Bottom – the cultural cub
  • Foggy Bottom – trendiest neighborhood

There are plenty more of course and we haven’t even mentioned the suburbs. If you want a peaceful part of the town where you can lead a more peaceful way of life and raise kids but still be near the downtown.


Of course, the prices of apartments for rent vary. Depending on the location, and of course how big and how furnished the place is. Beware it is not going to be cheap. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment can be around $2,344, meaning you need to earn at least $7,032 monthly or $84,384 annually before taxes. You can always find a roommate and split the costs. You need to plan your budget.

You will be needing a lot of money for this.

Who else can help you while finding an apartment in Washington DC

The bank can help you in case you need a loan. Also if you change your mind and decide to buy a place instead of renting then you can talk to them about a mortgage. If you have a good credit score you will get better mortgage rates. We already mentioned websites like Zillow. There are others like,,,, and many others. We also mentioned real estate agents so make sure to find reliable ones and make sure they are licensed. When you do find an apartment you will be needing reliable movers like A2B Moving and Storage to help you relocate and of course in case you need storage.

Moving to your new apartment in Washington DC

With a little bit of luck, you will find your new apartment in no time and then your next step will be relocation. You will be needing help with that part as much as you needed one while you were finding an apartment in Washington DC so we have some tips for you. Hiring professional movers is our best one. Surely you can do this on your own, but there is no need for it. Just imagine how heavy your furniture is, do you really want to carry it on your own? For professional movers like A2B Moving your furniture and transport is not an issue. They will be glad to do the heavy lifting for you. That way you are also avoiding any potential back injuries.

professional movers
Hiring professional movers will help you relocate hassle-free.

Settling in your new apartment

The best way to settle in nicely is to unpack quickly. Even though it’s a bit annoying since you had all that work just to get here and now you have some more. But if you unpack right on you will be getting a chance to adapt quickly. Your new place will look homier. Maybe you will even get to decorate it to your liking. So get rid of all those ugly moving boxes. If you have simply too many of them or you are in a hurry you can hire local movers to help you with this task.

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