Realtor’s guide for first time home buyers in Hilliard

If you plan to be one of the home buyers in Hilliard this year you are in luck. We will be showing you how to do this like a pro and who can help you along the way. Hilliard, Ohio is a great city for work, raising a family, or even retirement so it’s only natural that you are interested. This is a great place to live. Also, it’s good to know that according to crime statistics from the FBI Hilliard is a pretty safe city. Now that we covered some basics about this great city let’s get on to the buying process. We gathered tips from some of the best local realtors.

The price is right

We need to start with the prices of course since that is the most important factor if you want to be one of the home buyers in Hilliard. Before you even start anything we suggest you take a look at the website called Zillow. This is a good way to be informed. It will give you the best insight into the current prices of homes in this city. Also, you can see the pictures of the available homes. That will give you a bigger picture. This can be the initial research you will be doing on your own to start this tourney prepared.

Buying a house or an apartment can be very pricy. To get a better insight into current prices make sure to check Zillow first.

The neighborhoods of Hilliard

Since you are looking online at the prices you should check out the neighborhood as well. If you plan to live here then this is a very important factor. You need to find a neighborhood where you feel comfortable living. If you plan to relocate here with your family, include them in the decision-making process since they too will live in this neighborhood. When you do choose the neighborhood and find a house and buy one, the specialists can jump in when it comes to settling in there. You will have a great support system there and a helping hand when it comes to unpacking. But, for now, here is a list of the neighborhoods in Hilliard:

  • Hoffman Farms
  • Britton Farms
  • Hilliard Heights
  • Luxair
  • Avery Road
  • Sutton Place
  • Heather Ridge
  • Easthill Acres

There are many more but according to realtors and home buyers in Hilliard, these are the most popular ones so take a look at them first.

Hiring professional help

There will be a few professionals you will need by your side during this journey. Zippy Shell Columbus will be glad to help you when you finish the home buying process but before that the smartest choice will be hiring a real estate agent to help you with the house hunt. Sure you can see a lot of the places on Zillow on your own but real estate agents have listings with houses that are not selling online and besides they are pros at getting a better price so make sure to interview a couple of realtors and tell them exactly what are you looking for and make sure to tell them about your budget. That way, they will help you find the best possible place for you and your family. But there is one thing you need to do before this step and that’s going to the bank.

hiring professional help
Hiring professionals is always a good idea.

A trip to the bank in order to become one of the home buyers in Hilliard

If you are paying cash you can skip this part of the text. But if you plan on getting financial help from the bank you need to start with plans. When it comes to relocation – you need movers, when it comes to money – you need the bank. Make sure to have a good credit score before going to the bank. The better the score you have the better the mortgage rates you will be getting. You can talk about terms with your banker. There is one thing that’s universal – you will be needing some sort of down payment. The most commonly down payment is around 10 or 15 percent of the price of the house you plan to buy. For more details, you need to go to the bank. Make sure to do this a few months ahead because sometimes the procedure can take a lot of time.

When the time comes

If you plan to become one of the home buyers in Hilliard this year you are probably already in the process. But soon enough everything will be over and the time will come for you to relocate to your new place. You will be needing a bit of help from professional movers to do this quickly and hassle-free. Some people also need some additional storage near their new home so they can out some extra household items. Movers can help you find a place to leave unnecessary stuff until you find a place for them. Until then they will be safe and sound in a storage unit.

One of the home buyers in Hilliard packing clothes.
Movers can help you with many aspects of relocation starting from packing and ending with finding you storage.

Time and place for everything

Since we will be parting our ways soon, we have prepared some insights for you from professionals in this business like economists and realtors. There is a chance that prices will drop in 2022 (in the second half of the year). So it might be worth the wait, but those are just prognoses. Just like in 2019 when everybody assumed that the housing market will fall and nothing happened. So it might be worth the wait and it could be a complete waste of your time so it’s up to you to decide. But there is something that’s for sure. If you are buying real estate you should do it in the colder months and not during the summer. You will get a better price that way. That is a general rule that’s pliable every year in every state. So it can be smart to wait for fall or winter.

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