Online vs. regular moving estimates

When thinking about hiring a moving company, one of the first things people worry about is the cost of moving. This is where moving estimates comes into the game. In general, the amount of money you will spend depends on the number of items you have and the distance. And, there are two ways of getting your moving estimates. First, moving estimates over the phone or online moving estimates. Second, in-house estimates or regular moving estimates. In order to know the differences between online vs. regular moving estimates you should do some research.

The difference between online vs. regular moving estimates

Before making a final decision about choosing the moving company, you should find a couple of companies. This way you will have more precise information about how much money you need to spend. Also, the more offers you have the lesser is the chance you will hire a fraudulent company. Additionally, the way companies are dealing with their customers is telling you a lot about the company itself. Usually, moving companies provide estimates in two ways:

  1. So-called Online estimates
  2. Regular, or in-house estimates

Online estimates

Online, or over the phone, moving estimates are lighter versions of moving estimates. Generally, you can fill out the form on the company’s site and you will get a rough calculation of costs. Even though it is a fast way to get approximate numbers it is not precise. On the other hand, talking over the phone with the company’s call service can provide you with more info. However, you will have to go through your entire possessions which can be really tiresome thing to do. Eventually, you will have a better picture of costs but it’s still not precise enough. There are, however, a couple of benefits to this type of estimate.

Benefits of online moving estimates

It can be easy and convenient if you are moving a short distance and don’t have a lot of items to move. Another benefit, you don’t have to schedule the date and spend your entire day overseeing the inspection. It is also the least effort option if you have to move in a hurry with a relatively small household.

A kid with a laptop doing something online.
Online forms are fast and easy to use.

Regular Estimates

Regular, or in-house, estimates are a way better options if you want precise numbers to lean upon. However, be ready to schedule a date and spend time with the person that is coming to your home. Usually, you will go through your entire household possessions with the company’s representative. So, make sure you have your checklists or listings ready in advance. This is also a great opportunity to speak about everything you want to know. From negotiating to additional services you might require. Just make sure you get everything in writing so there would be no surprises on a moving day.

Benefits of regular moving estimates

The regular option provides the most accurate numbers. It’s realistic and doesn’t depend on assumptions. Also, you will get the chance to see the movers yourself. Usually, it’s better to know them in person so you know what to expect if you decide to hire them. Also, you get the opportunity to ask everything you think is relevant.

Handshaking when concluding the deal.
Dealing in person is a chance to ask all the questions.

Figuring which option is better in online vs. regular moving estimates is much easier after you know a few things. Generally, online estimates are fast but rough, while regular is slow but accurate. After all, everything depends upon the type of moving you need.

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