Moving day etiquette

After weeks of packing, preparing, decluttering, the moving day finally arrived. You’re waiting for your movers to arrive, and everything seems fine. However, this wonderful day can easily turn into a disaster if you don’t follow the moving day etiquette. As simple as these things can seem, all of them are exceptionally important if you want to have a smooth relocation. Know that moving days are always stressful, so don’t worry if you feel a little bit of that pressure. With correct moves, you’ll be perfectly fine.

Label all the boxes ahead of time

The worst possible scenario is that movers arrive at your house and everything is not packed. This is why it’s very important to schedule your sealing of boxes and labeling all of them at least one day ahead of time. This will make things much easier not only for you but for the whole crew. Additionally, with labeled boxes, they’ll know where to put every single one of them, which will make your job of unpacking much easier.

Labeled boxes on top of each other.
One of the most crucial parts of moving day etiquette is to do as much as possible ahead of time.

Don’t pack items that you’ll need on a moving day

The second thing on our moving day etiquette list is a no brainer. Try to think of all the items that you have to use on a moving day. No matter if we’re talking about toiletries, medication, or computers. Just be sure not to pack any of them. Don’t get yourself in a situation where your movers are waiting for you and you’re there opening boxes and getting things out of them. This is especially important if you’re moving home after a life-changing event as you’re prompt to be more sensitive in these times.

Give your movers full access

In order to collect everything from your house and to properly pack a moving truck, your movers will need full access to your house and neighborhood. This is important if you live in a gated community, so they have to have a clearance to get in. The same goes for any security systems that you have installed on the house. Be sure to turn them all off before your movers arrive. If you’re living in a more densely populated area, be sure to notify them about any tow zones or parking restrictions that exist on your block.

Be there throughout the day

It’s never a good idea to disappear while a team of professionals is packing your house. Forgetting something can happen to anyone, but buying more tape across the town because you’re trying to cut your moving costs can’t be tolerated. On the other hand, you may have to fly to your new city. In this case, try to book a flight for a day after your movers come. If you have children that need care, call in some help. It’s important for you to be there.

Woman thinking about moving day etiqette.
It’s important that you’re around throughout the moving day.

Let the movers do their job

The last thing when it comes to moving day etiquette is to let the movers do their job. You’re paying them to do all the things they’re doing, and they can tackle them much better than you. They’re professionals who do this every day. Of course, you should be helpful, but if they need something they’ll ask for it.

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