Most affordable small towns in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is highly recommended for retirees and families because it is home to some of the lowest housing costs in all of New England. This is why we made sure to show you today some of the most affordable towns in New Hampshire How did we pick New Hampshire’s most affordable places? We analyzed US Census data on Utah’s cost of living. We did that to see how it compares to neighboring states. The cost of housing and lodging was of particular interest to us (as it will be for you). In addition to population size, we compared 25 cities with over 5,000 people across six categories: crime rate, quality of schools, and availability of recreational opportunities. Those are all important factors obviously. Also, we will show you who can help you to get there. Relocations can be quite tough. Luckily you have us to guide you. So, all you need to do now is relax and keep reading.

Let’s start with Newport

This tour of the affordable towns to live in this area (New Hampshire) will begin in Newport. This is a charming small town about an hour’s drive from Concord. The median price of a home in Newport is $147,500, making it the third most affordable market in the state. Furthermore, Newport dwellers have the second-lowest per-capita expenditures on housing in the state. Median rent is $1,055. That means that this town ranks among the top ten cities in the country for affordability. Mt. Sunapee State Park is a short drive away and offers all the outdoor activities you can think of. If you like fishing, hiking, boating, and alpine skiing you will be able to find them here. This is a great option for those looking to keep busy without breaking the bank.

A person counting money and doing some calculations before buying a house in one of the most affordable small towns in New Hampshire.
You will be able to save some money living here.


From Somersworth, the trip to Rochester, the state’s second-cheapest major city, will only take a few minutes of driving west. That is pretty convenient for job seekers and commuters.  You won’t have any trouble convincing your friends to visit you in Rochester thanks to the Rochester Opera House’s constant schedule of exciting performances. This is also a perfect place for a date night.

Rochester has the fifth-lowest home prices in New Hampshire at around $186,600. Besides that, homeowners in Rochester spend the third-smallest percentage of their earnings on housing. The only bad news about Rochester is that this city is not as safe as the other ones here on the list. But crime statistics are just that – statistics. That doesn’t mean anything bad will happen to you here. If you think that Rochester can be a great place to call home, make sure to call professionals like Preferred Movers to help you.

Berlin (but not the German one)

You can find a good deal in Berlin without booking a flight to Germany. Luckily, everybody loves New Hampshire. As a city close to Quebec, about 65% of Berlin’s community speaks a modified version of New England French, so knowing the language could be useful. It can also be great for your kids – learning a new language.  Berlin is the kind of place you’d want to call home for the long haul due to its affordable housing and, more importantly, its low home price relative to income. As you can see this is an overall affordable town.  Also, Berlin is widely known to be ls,o one of the best areas in New Hampshire to raise a family. Living there for an extended period is a no-brainer. However, Berlin has the highest rental costs on this list. You will need to see the prices before you decide whether buying is a better option or renting. We assure you, nevertheless, that the breathtaking scenery atop Jericho Mountain will make you forget all about your financial worries.

graffiti on the wall
This Berlin is amazing too!


Overall, Franklin’s low costs of living put it in fourth place among New Hampshire’s cities and towns. With a median listing price of $188,700, homes in Franklin are among the state’s most affordable. This town has monthly rental rates of around $889. We gave you this information just in case you aren’t quite ready to make the area your permanent home. Franklin has very affordable housing options, both for rent and for purchase (relative to residents’ median incomes). With attractions like Tarbin Gardens, it is one of the top destinations in New Hampshire for singles. Online dating has made the search for love accessible to people of all budgets. This place is just about half an hour (north) of Concord. Now is a great time to start thinking about packing.


Atkinson (a Boston suburb) has a total population of 7,014. Located in beautiful Rockingham County, Atkinson is a top choice for New Hampshire residents. The majority of people who live in Atkinson also own their homes, giving the town a unique blend of suburban and rural life. This is one of the most affordable towns in New Hampshire whether you are planning to buy or rent. Numerous eateries, cafes, and green spaces can be found in Atkinson. If you choose this place for your new home – make sure to call professionals to help you. If you enlist the help of expert neighbors, unpacking and settling in will be quick and easy.

The keys in the lock of an open door.
This can be an amazing place to buy a home and raise a family. Make sure to research it.

Which one will be the best for you?

Choosing a place to live can be tough. Relocations are much easier if you hire movers than deciding on one place. We showed you a couple of amazing towns in New Hampshire that are affordable and great overall. Now you need to research a bit more and think carefully. If you have a family moving here with you, talk to them. Surely they can help you to decide. Good luck!

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