Most affordable neighborhoods in Brooklyn for renters

New York City is known as one of the most expensive cities in the United States. Rent is the main cost and it is not cheap at all. But, there are some ways to cut some of the costs in NYC. If you want to live in Brooklyn – that is the first step because it is more affordable than Manhattan, but still, close enough. You can go even further and explore Brooklyn more. It has a lot of neighborhoods to choose from. Where are affordable neighborhoods in Brooklyn for renters? How to move there and how to save money on relocation?

The list of the most affordable neighborhoods in Brooklyn for renters

Choosing the right location is the first step when it comes to moving on the budget. Luckily for you, Brooklyn has to offer you places with more affordable monthly rent. Before taking any step in moving, explore this NYC borough. Make a list of neighborhoods and visit them in person. It is better to see these areas, not only to read about them.


It offers Victorian homes, brick townhouses, stand-alone houses, and a median monthly rent of around $2,200. Flatbush Avenue is a place where you can shop or enjoy a cup of coffee. This neighborhood is very diverse and the nightlife is great. That is why it is one of the Brooklyn neighborhoods for young professionals and young adults.

Brooklyn is vibrant and fun, and it is near Manhattan

Sunset Park

The average rent in Sunset Park is $2,000 per month. It is an urban neighborhood great for kids because it is safe and family-friendly. If you are looking for neighborhoods in Brooklyn for young families and still want to stay within the budget, consider Sunset Park as your new home. It is known for amazing views, especially views of the Statue of Liberty.

East Flatbush

Rent in East Flatbush and Flatbush are similar. East Flatbush is $100 cheaper. The Wyckoff House Museum is located here and a farmhouse was built back in 1652 which makes it the oldest Dutch frame house in the USA. For renters on a budget, East Flatbush is a place to consider.

Bay Ridge

One of the most affordable neighborhoods in Brooklyn for renters and still a very popular and urban place is Bay Ridge. Rent here is around $1,800 which is very cheap for NYC. Some people still call this neighborhood Old Brooklyn or Real Brooklyn. Safety and family friendliness are priorities and if you have a dog, this place is very dog-friendly.

Crown Heights

The first museum for kids in the USA was built here. In 1899, The Brooklyn Children Museum was established. Besides this museum, Crown Heights has other attractions for families. At the same time, a lot of young professionals live here. The average rent is $2,500 per month. To move here with ease, Divine Moving and Storage could help you.

Sheepshead Bay

With an average rent of $1,800, Sheepshead Bay is on this list as well. Compared to other neighborhoods on this list, this area is the furthest from Manhattan (50 minutes by train). But, in exchange, you will be able to save a lot of money. Most families with kids choose to live in smaller towns that are quiet and peaceful.

Location pin.
Choose the right location and save money on rent

Organizing Brooklyn moving on the budget

To save even more money, learn some tips to cut moving costs. Moving on a tight budget is possible, you just need to be organized and well-prepared. After choosing one of the affordable neighborhoods in Brooklyn for renters, it is time to focus on the relocation process. Create your moving budget and know how much money you can spend. Moving is not free, but you may save money with some tips.

Declutter before packing

Your moving costs will depend on the distance between your current home, and a new home in Brooklyn, and the size and weight of your items. Distance is something you cannot change, but you can move fewer items. Throw some things, sell, or donate. Think twice about what items you need and what can be tossed. Keep in mind that apartments in Brooklyn are usually smaller, so any way you won’t be able to keep all of your items.

Hire affordable NYC movers

Moving on the budget does not mean you cannot hire a moving company. There are affordable movers in New York City, you just need to make some research. Hire locals because nearby pros can jump in to help you move. Explore online, ask friends for recommendations and make sure to hire reliable and experienced movers. Verify the company’s information and check their license and insurance. Do not hire a company without a license for moving.

Get free moving supplies

Free moving boxes are everywhere. Ask for boxes in supermarkets, and small shops, and ask your neighbors and friends if they have some moving boxes they don’t need. If you are moving locally, you can wrap items with fragile items with newspapers and soft materials. Be creative, but always put safety in the first place. Make sure all your items are packed properly.

Calculating the costs of moving to one of the affordable neighborhoods in Brooklyn for renters.
Know the costs of relocation and calculate everything in advance

Choose a moving date

When setting a moving budget and calculating all the costs, you can see that moving off-season is more affordable. If you can choose a moving date, choose to move during the winter months. Or if you must move during spring or summer, choose weekdays, not weekends. Also, book a moving company as soon as possible and negotiate a better moving deal. You may get some discounts.

Ask friends to help you pack

When moving to affordable neighborhoods in Brooklyn for renters, ask your family or a couple of friends to help you out with packing and you don’t have to pay for professional packing services, which are not cheap. This way, you can spend some quality time together with your family or friends and have a nice and good time while packing for the upcoming move.

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