List of the most affordable places in Orange County, CA

California is one of the states where a lot of people are moving to despite it being very expensive. Well, most California cities are. But Orange County is a part of California where you can still find a relatively affordable place to live in. If your dream is to move to California but you do not have a very big budget, do not worry. There are some places in Orange County we believe moving to is a great idea. Not just because these places are affordable but because they possess plenty of other qualities that are very important. So, if you have been planning on moving to California or you wish to do so in the near future, here is a short list of the most affordable places in Orange County to consider making your new home.


The first city on the list has to be Irvine. Irvine is a beautiful town where plenty of people have been moving to for various reasons. Some move because housing is far more affordable than in some Californian towns and you get a good deal for the price. The average price for a house in Irvine is around $1milion. This is a lot of money to pay for a home. But you have to consider that these are very luxurious homes with big yards and lots or rooms.

There are plenty of amazing coastal towns in Orange County.

Paying this price for a home in Irvine is a good investment as the housing prices are only going up. Irvine is safe which means you do not have to worry about certain things. A lot of families move here because they want their children to grow up in a safe environment. If moving to Irvine with children, you can ask reliable people for help in this area. They will make moving to Irvine much easier.


The second out of a couple of the most affordable places in Orange County is Anaheim. It is more affordable than Irvine which is why it’s a popular senior living California town. This is where you will pay even less for a big, luxurious home. The average home price in Anaheim sits at around $750,000. Once again, a lot of money which not everyone has. But if your dream is to live in California and you have really put your mind to it, collecting this amount of money is possible. You can always get a loan.

Anaheim is a beautiful area.

A great thing about Anaheim is that you can find lots of houses to rent as well. You do not have to purchase a home to live here. You can test the waters by renting a home, seeing how you like living in the area, and then move to a home you end up purchasing. Have in mind that settling in may require assistance, which you are able to hire in Anaheim.

More places to consider moving to

There are a few more most affordable places in Orange County to consider moving to:

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