List of items movers won’t move

It is time to pack and move to a new home. If you hired professionals to take care of the relocation process, you should know that there are some items movers won’t move. Prepare for your upcoming relocation and know exactly what to pack and what items you should not pack. Save time and money by knowing this information before you start with the moving process.

The list of things movers won’t move

Before you start packing your things, save yourself plenty of time by knowing in advance, what items you cannot move with the moving company. Yes, there are some different ways to move every item, but not with a moving company with a typical moving package.

Medications and medical equipment

If you are moving to another country, make sure that you can take your medications across borders first. If you are moving within the state or country, do not expect from professional packers to move your oxygen containers, for example.

Scissors, tape and bubble pack
Pack as carefully as you can

Jewelry and money

The best way to transport jewelry and currencies is to keep them by yourself. Every reliable and professional moving company has insurance, but transporting certain valuables can greatly increase liability. That is the main reason why movers won’t move valuables.

Perishable food

To avoid unwanted moving expenses and at the same time, to protect your items from bugs and pests, do not move perishable food. It is better to start eating the food you already have in the fridge and freezer. Make some delicious dishes and use everything you have. Moving your food is not safe, especially if you are moving long-distance. These items movers won’t move for sure.


For moving animals, you need to contact special moving companies for pets. People with dogs and cats, usually move them by car, together. Having your dog or cat beside you is one of the best options. For other animals such as fish, snakes, spiders, you should better hire a special animal mover. The safety of the animals and their comfort are the most important things when moving. That is why movers won’t move pets.

Use suitcases for packing fragile items.


If you are moving to a place with a different climate, even if you mover will move plants, it is not good for the plant. Maybe a new temperature is not good. But, in most cases, movers won’t move your plants. They attract bugs and they can die during the relocation. When transporting plants, they need to be in a climate-controlled moving vehicle and to have special conditions, or they will not survive.

Hazardous materials

It is simple and logical, hazardous and flammable materials such as weapons, acids, gasoline, chemicals, motor oil, fireworks, are items movers won’t move. Do not try to fool a moving company and pack hazardous materials in moving boxes because it can be very dangerous. If something happens because of that, a moving company and insurance company are not responsible.

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