How to find reliable long distance movers in the US?

So, you have in mind moving soon. That is great! Any change in our lives can bring something good. Certainly, you feel very excited about it. However, you are also a bit worried for you are not so sure how to find reliable long distance movers. There is no need to worry! We are here for you! All you need to do for now is to read our text. We hope that it will be very helpful to you. Good luck!

Moving on your own is not an option!

Before saying anything else, you have to know that moving on your own is not something you would even want to consider. This is due to various difficulties. Here, we will mention the two main reasons why you should cross out moving by yourself from your list immediately.


The first reason against moving on your own are the possible injuries. If you did not know, most people tend to get hurt during their relocation process. That is due to lifting large and heavy items. Furthermore, many people hurt their backs, which can have serious consequences and cause health problems in the long term. Also, do not forget how expensive medical care can be.

A man holding heavy boxes.
You should not lift heavy boxes on your own.


The second reason against relocating by yourself is stress. Do not make a mistake, every relocation is extremely stressful. Especially the long-distance one. Keep in mind that the human organism can have many health problems because of stress. For example, our immune system can become weaker and we can easily get ill. Due to these reasons, we strongly advise you to give up on relocating on your own.

Find reliable long distance movers in the US on the internet

After you have crossed out moving on your own from your list, the next step is finding long distance movers. Nowadays, the easiest way to find a moving company is by searching the internet. When you find the company that suits you, contact them for more information.

A laptop, a bag, a notebook, a pen, and a cup of coffee.
Today you can easily find reliable long distance movers by using the internet.

Some other strategies to help you find reliable long distance movers include:

  • Asking the people you know, for example, your friends, family or colleagues for a recommendation. If the relocation of some of them took place not so long ago, they would know which moving company in the US is good.
  • Contacting your local real estate agents and asking them for advice. Surely, they will know to recommend some of the long-distance movers in the US who are both reliable and experienced people.
  • Before actually hiring long-distance movers, we advise you to contact more than one company. After you exchange the information you will know which one suits you the most.

Check if the particular moving company has everything that you need

Before hiring any long distance movers, you first have to check if they have all the services that you need.

If you need a special kind of storage space for some of your items, you have to check which storage spaces a particular relocation company has to offer. Moreover, you have to let them know what are the things you want to store. In that way, they can think of the most practical and safest ways to take care of them.

Do not forget to mention your unique moving requests to your long-distance movers

Also, it is very important to find long-distance movers who are capable of fulfilling your special relocation requests. Each of us has some special requests. Here are the most common ones:

  • moving with kids
  • moving with pets
  • relocating some special valuable items

Moving with children

If you have kids, you want to make sure that they will be perfectly safe during your relocation. Maybe you would want to consider arranging for child care on the day your moving takes place. That would be excellent for people who have babies and small kids.

Moving with a pet

If you have pets, you want them to be good taken care of. We strongly advise you to make an appointment and see a vet before your moving day, just to be on the safe side. Also, your dog has to be fed during your move. Moreover, if you have an aquarium, your movers have to be very experienced in order to relocate it properly.

Relocating your valuable items

If you have some valuable items in your home, you would want them to be relocated without any damage. For example, if you own some works of art, like paintings or sculptures which can easily break, make sure to inform the movers that you plan to hire about that. Also, if you have instruments which are large, you have to inform them about that too. Only when a particular moving company has a list of everything that you need, they can let you know if their services can cover all of that.

A cello.
Inform your long-distance movers if you have some musical instruments.

Check if your long distance movers have a license and insurance

Importantly, you have to check if a moving company that you plan to hire for your long-distance move in the US has both a license and insurance. Only if long-distance movers have both, can you hire them and relax.

Talk to long-distance movers in person before hiring them

Before finally hiring particular experts, go to their office and talk to them in person about everything, including the price for their services.

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