How the Pandemic Has Changed What Homebuyers Want

It seems that no area of human existence has remained immune to the ongoing pandemic. We have changed the way we work, attend school, socialize, interact as families. We have even changed the way we eat. So, naturally, the pandemic has changed what homebuyers want, as well. And it’s no surprise. They want a home that can accommodate their newly-acquired habits. Also, they want a house that can facilitate their somewhat altered daily functioning.

The needs have changed

For instance, homebuyers will need a home where they can work undisturbed. Moreover, they will require a place where homeschooling would be possible. And even when we finally see the end of the pandemic, there will be some permanent changes in the way we perceive our homes. They will become our shelters more than ever before.

Homebuyers now prefer suburbs

Due to the lockdowns and days spent trapped in small city apartments, people have started craving space. One of the first recent trends we can notice in the homebuying behavior is the shift of preferences from cities to suburban homes with vast backyards and ample space.

a dog in a suburb
Families with children and pets particularly enjoy having space where they can have fun and spend quality time together.

They, and not just they, are ready to sacrifice the closeness to the city if it enables them to spend time with their loved ones in a much safer environment. Moreover, some people may feel uncomfortable when gathering indoors. So, an ample garden can provide them with an opportunity to bring some joy back into their lives.

Nowadays, homebuyers need an extra room

Given that everyone who possibly could has switched to remote work, the need for a home office has become prominent. In many homes, one room may double as a dining room and a home office. One single room can even serve multiple purposes – a homeschooling area, a home gym, and a living room. It can get pretty hectic. So, homebuyers today need a home that can cater to everyone’s needs. They will love to see a home staged in a way they can imagine their lives there before committing to buy.

One way to achieve that is an extra room for a proper home office. This concept is nothing new, as there has been a steady increase in the number of freelance workers. Now the number of people working from home has escalated. A home office is necessary to be more productive and work without distractions. However, it is also a way to maintain the much-needed home/work balance.

a man with laptop sitting on a bed
The work remains in the home office so that the parents can focus on their children and other activities afterward.

Homebuyers want open space

Another preference that the homebuyers have been expressing is the wish for open and light space. It is another consequence of spending so much time inside. So, in the event of any future lockdowns, people want to have bigger windows to let more sunshine in. They also wish for more square footage. For this reason, many condo owners from busy and crowded downtown areas are now seeking larger single-family houses on a considerable lot. They are rushing to stage their previous homes for sale so they can move to their new, roomier homes. Thus, if you have always wished to live away from the city, now is your chance to make that possible.

A chef’s kitchen has become an essential feature

A nice and spacious kitchen has always been one of the factors that tilt the scale when deciding whether a buyer loves or hates a home. Now, the need for a roomy kitchen has grown even more. The pandemic has made cooking at home necessary. And for some, this has become an enjoyable activity. Also, many have begun to prefer home-cooked meals. Therefore, a kitchen that can accommodate elaborate meal preparations has jumped to the top of the must-have list.

The modification in behavior brought about by the pandemic has changed what homebuyers want. So now, they will be more likely to choose homes with open kitchens so they can socialize and keep an eye on their kids. They would also like a big island with tons of counter space. Of course, it must have enough room for state-of-the-art appliances. And another absolute must is a large pantry as people have got the habit of performing one more extensive shopping than several smaller ones.

A mudroom is now a necessity

One of the most obvious ways the pandemic has changed what homebuyers want is that a mudroom is now a necessity. Higher hygienic standards demand that the shoes be removed upon entering the living area. Also, most of the clothes should be taken off. Groceries and packages have to undergo disinfection as well.

A house with a garage
Another option is a garage that has an entrance to the house.

All of these steps have become a ritual that families have been religiously performing. A mudroom, separated from the main living space, helps to prevent germs from entering your home. Anything that needs sanitizing can be temporarily stored in the mudroom.

Moving to a new home

One thing that hasn’t changed is that people keep relocating. And they don’t only move to the suburbs close to the cities where they used to live. Remote work has given them opportunities to live in other parts of the country. You only need to ensure safe relocation and with reliable moving companies available, you can easily do that. So, along with the spacious and light home, a brand new home office, an ample yard, and a sparkling ultramodern kitchen, you can enjoy the sunshine, the sea, and glorious beaches.

The pandemic has changed what homebuyers want, or rather, showed them what they need

It appears that more space and big backyards have become a priority for many who wish to own a home. Indeed, the pandemic has changed what homebuyers want. But, perhaps it has made them realize what they actually need for a better life. More importantly, it has taught us to appreciate things that really matter.

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