Guide to stunning residential architecture of South Florida

Located in the South of the US there is some of the most stunning residential architecture in Florida. Florida is the 22nd biggest state and it’s home to some of the most populated and popular cities in the country, for example, Miami. The amazing counties of Sunshine State are rich in history so you will see some influence from the Spanish and other Europeans, Africans, and others, in the architecture here. Your job is just to choose which one you like the most. One of the biggest reasons why it is so stunning is the rich history and influence from all over the world. Some of the most popular architecture in South Florida will be named and explained here, of course not all of them but the most popular. For the more stunning residential architecture of South Florida, you will have to do more research. That is if you are planning to move here.

One of the residential architecture of South Florida is the Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style in Florida is quite dominant. It comes from European roots and you can say that. Mediterranean architecture is known for its low-pitched roofs. Also the presence of stucco walls and tile. And another additional characteristic for Mediterranean style is articulate and intricate parapet walls with tile capping, articulate and intricate door surrounds, additional detailing of the keystone, symmetrical also sometimes colorful and large facades, and arches.

Stunning Mediterranean residential architecture of South Florida.
Some people love the Mediterranean style while others prefer something else. Be sure to check everything out before deciding what is for you.

Delicate wrought iron detailing in balconies and windows. All of this you can find in Mediterranean style so if you love it and choose to move here, New Leaf Moving Group can help you with all the moving procedures. So you don’t have to stress or hurt yourself.

Spanish style is also on the list of stunning residential architecture

Spanish style is very similar to Mediteeriearn but it has some differences. For example, some similar things they have in common are low-pitched roofs. But the Spanish style also has small-sized balconies, Roman arcades, wooden casements, and other similar things that are beautiful. The Spanish style in Florida is commonly seen in large estates that are built beyond the reach of the cities. These people want peace, and to relax while they are at home.

stunning residential architecture in spanish style
Spanish architecture is very beautiful. They designed it very well. Everyone that sees it falls in love with it.

Victorian Architecture in South Florida is striking

This style is mostly found in central Florida but there is also in the South of Florida. If you lack space in the new home and you need more storage in your house there is always a way to do it. Victorian architecture is easy to recognize because of its distinctive features like a narrow, tall design and the presence of embellishments like trims, intricate porch rails.

This residential architecture of South Florida style is old and full of history that is, also one of its recognizable features. To say it is stunning would be an understatement because this Victorian Architecture is so beautiful that words can’t describe it. It is something you need to see for yourself. And you will probably want to relocate to there.

Gorgeous Victorian residential architecture of South Florida.
Victorian residential architecture of South Florida is something you need to see with your own eyes. Words can’t describe well how stunning this style is.

A cozy Ranch style

Ranch style of architecture is found throughout the whole country of the US, so South Florida is no exception for this. This style is popular among older people for the most part because it has easy access to everything. For example, these homes are usually planned on one level and have attached garages at an end. With everything at a single level.

But due to that, it is easy to make additional changes to the home which is a huge advantage. You can make another level on the house or make your dream porch. These types of homes are for people that love the simple life and are a fan of nature. So if you like this style then it is for you. You can start getting ready to move and pack your items.

Packing your belongings for the relocation can be stressful and a hard task so leave that to professionals. They will already have everything you need for example boxes so you won’t have to look for them. They will also transfer your stuff without any problem or damage. So you don’t have to stress over that because your relocation is in the expert hands. And everything you need they will help you with, and also have already experience in doing it so just ask them.

Beautiful house
Ranch style of architecture is beautiful in its own way. These houses all over the country so you probably have seen one in your lifetime. And if you are someone that loves simple life and nature this is for you.

The residential architecture of South Florida is important but so are residential movers

You are in luck because residential movers in South Florida will help you with everything you need. If you choose to move here, something to think about is how will you transfer your belongings safely. When you hire these professionals you will have guaranteed yourself a smooth relocation to the new home of your choosing.

Not to mention they have so much experience in moving things that the packing will go much faster. Packing will always be stressful but with this help, you will have time to breathe. One good tip is to label your boxes with what is in them so you will unpack much easier because you will already know what is in those boxes. Don’t forget that packing for a move is a large task so it is best to plan months for it.

Also, do your research on the residential architecture of South Florida so you know what awaits you when you are relocating. Not all historic homes will fit your modern furniture.

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