Guide to helping seniors deal with homesickness

Feeling homesick is a normal and natural thing. Everybody goes through that when they are far away from their old home, family, or friends. Seniors can have a hard time when they need to deal with homesickness. This is simply because they were getting used to the way things were for longer than the rest. It’s that simple. Here is a simple yet silly example. Imagine having a small rock in your jacket all the time with you for twenty years. Even though it’s just a simple rock and you don’t even need it if you lose it after twenty years of wearing it you will miss it. And that was just a simple rock. You can imagine how it’s like to be far away from everything you once loved.

How to deal with homesickness in another country

Seniors sometimes decide to relocate after they retire. The most popular destination is of course Florida. Living in the perfect senior community with a lot of benefits and a better life for your age doesn’t mean you won’t feel homesick. As stated before this is a natural process. You miss little things like your favorite grocery store, or neighbors even. It might be helpful to bring some memories with you like pictures and souvenirs.

Two seniors sitting on a bench and thinking about how to deal with homesickness.
Dealing with homesickness is not easy for anybody.

Staying in touch

Thanks to the internet you can chat daily with your family and friends. Apps like Skype or Facetime on your phone can make you feel like you never even left when it comes to socializing. All your friends will be right there and you can just call them and chat all you want. Talking with your friends and family will make you feel less homesick. Seniors especially need this to feel better so learn how to use all those apps on your smartphone.

Plan on visiting

Make plans to come back at least once to visit your old town, see your friends and family members. This way your relocation won’t feel so final. Also, get tickets for your close friends or family members to visit you sometimes. That way you will stay connected and even have some great new adventures. If you have grandkids you can make plans for them to come to see you during the holidays.

An airplane
Airplane tickets are getting cheaper each year.

Settling in your new place

Seniors can have a harder time settling in a new place so that is why it’s important to unpack as soon as you arrive. If you don’t feel up to it you can always hire professional movers to help you with unpacking and settling in. Make sure to hire professional movers for this task. Making your new place home will make you feel less homesick.

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