Great Kansas City locations for your new offices

Expanding, or just opening your first business ever in Kansas City, means that you need office space. You’re in luck since there are a lot of great Kansas City locations for your new offices. You just need to find one that you like. Appearance and the location of an office are very important for many reasons. As there are many Brooklyn neighborhoods for young professionals, it is the same in KC. With that said, let’s cover some of the best places to do business here!

When you are looking for great Kansas City locations for your new offices, you need to check out the Lightwell

WeWork is offering beautiful office workspace worldwide. And one of the places where they have an office is in Kansas City. First of all, Lightwell is at a very convenient address, on Main Street in Kansas City. It is literally in the heart of the financial district. Space is quite big and bright, and it is modern. There are various sizes, from private offices for one to two people, to the working space for over fifty people. When you need a break outside, there will be beautiful parks to chill at and drink coffee.

Know that you will have to declutter your home and prepare for this relocation. You don’t want your new chapter to start on the wrong foot. Not at home, and certainly not in the office.

Private small office for a few people.
There are many great Kansas City locations for your new offices, you just need to find what you like and need.

Another choice that you have is from Expansive Workspace

Similar to WeWork offering you Lightwell, Expansive Workspace offers Kessler Building. The location is also amazing, and you will have everything that is important nearby. The building can be accessed 24/7 which is perfect when you have a lot of projects to deal with. The space inside is decorated very nicely, so it gives you motivation for work. There are meeting and conference rooms as well, for when you need them.

The Cosby building is one of the great Kansas City spots for an office

Located in the heart of Downtown, this building offers many things work-related that you might want and need right now. This is not just a regular work building; it is more than that. Cosby is a center with a fantastic place where you can work. There are both small collaborative spaces for consultations, and private offices. Also, it is more affordable than other options that you have. If you’ve made your decision, engage the right people and start with the moving process. Don’t relocate your business on your own.

Modern and new office space.
Working in modern surroundings is good for every business.

Don’t forget to check out SR Collective

When it comes to great Kansas City locations for your new offices, SR Collective is number one. This place is designed by Scott Rice, and just walking in there you can feel the energy. The workspace is quite authentic and very inspiring. He put together colors and materials so you can come to work with positive emotions. So how can you not feel good about working in such a wonderful atmosphere?

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