Five traits of reliable movers – Santa Fe edition

It is time to move soon? What is the easiest and safest way to transport all your items from one home to another in Santa Fe? By hiring a moving company, your relocation will go smoothly. But, this is only a rule if you hire a reliable and reputable moving company for Santa Fe relocation. How to recognize a good mover? What are the traits of reliable movers and how to recognize scammers?

What does Santa Fe offer?

Santa Fe is a big city in New Mexico, USA and it has plenty of companies to offer. It is not easy to choose one. It may be very stressful and challenging, especially if you are moving for the first time. Most movers from Santa Fe are good, but you need to make sure the company is offering the services you need in your price range too. A balance between money and services is important too. This way, you will be able to save money with movers so you can have both – a successful relocation at an affordable price.

Building in Santa Fe.
Santa Fe is a beautiful city in New Mexico

Why people are moving to Santa Fe and what are the pros of living here?

  • The weather is great
  • The agricultural industry is robust
  • It is a diverse city
  • There are plenty of festivals
  • Food is delicious
  • The job market is getting stronger
  • It is an affordable city
  • Plenty of outdoor activities
  • The art and music community is strong
  • It offers a slower pace of life
  • Good for raising kids

Why should you hire movers?

One of the first questions to ask yourself is how a mover may help you and why should you hire them? Moving items by yourself is not an easy task and it requires knowledge and experience. Not to mention how hard it is if you are moving long-distance. Even packing can be difficult. Packing fragile and sensitive items is stressful and you need to have all the right packing equipment and supplies. Should you need additional help with preparing your stuff for Santa Fe relocation or not depends on you, but it is highly recommended to have professional packers by your side. To have a stress-free location, hiring a mover is a logical solution. 

5 star rating is one of the traits of reliable movers.
Only hire 5-star movers

Most important traits of reliable movers

It is easy to way – hire a moving company. But, it is not easy to find one that fits you the best. If you don’t have any experience with moving or searching for movers, you need to learn how to choose a company. There are 5 key traits of every reliable mover. This is the list of them.

#1 License and Insurance

Never, never hire a company that does not have a license and insurance. Even if you like them a lot and they are affordable (usually they are). To find a reliable moving company, the first thing to check is their license number. It won’t take you a lot of time, you can check it online at FMCSA’s website. It is not the same if you a company is offering local relocation services and long-distance (out of state) relocation services. For moving from one state to another, a moving company needs to have different types of permission. They need a US DOT number.

You never know what can go wrong during transportation. And that is why insurance is important. Every reliable moving company must offer you some type of insurance, by law. It is a big red flag if they don’t. They may be scammers, so we don’t recommend hiring them.

A license.
Hire a company with a certificate and awards

#2 Experience

If the company is in business for a longer period of time it is a good sign. Experience is important for every company. Ask a company when were they established. Besides that, check it online, because it is not easy to find out as it is to find a license number. Start by researching the company’s website such as Also, check the BBB website. There you will find ratings from F to A. You should always contact a company and talk to them about those things.

#3 Good reviews

Read online moving reviews from past clients, you can learn a lot by reading them. Reviews can be found on the company’s website, their social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, etc. If past clients are satisfied, there are great chances you will be too.

But, there is a catch. You must recognize fake reviews from real ones. How to do it? How to recognize fake online moving reviews and spot a moving scam?

  • At the first sight, one of the traits of reliable movers is good reviews. But, if they are too positive, it may be fake because nothing is perfect.
  • If there are too many details in a review, this may be another red flag. After moving you probably won’t remember mover’s names, you won’t write a story of how did you find them, etc.
  • If the language and style are the same, then reviews were written by the same person.
  • Check the time and date of posting reviews. Fake online moving reviews are often written on the same day.

#4 Different services

A good mover should offer you different services. For example, they have professional packers, good drivers, experienced estimators, etc. One of the traits of reliable movers is that they will be open to negotiating to offer you a better deal, just to hire them, not their competition.

#5 Reasonable price

Besides finding a reliable mover in Santa Fe, you should also find affordable movers – and you can have both. Don’t pay a large deposit. But, also, pay attention if the price is not realistic, too low, for example. A low price will attract many potential clients and they know it.


Now when you know the most important traits of reliable movers, you are able to choose the best one for your upcoming relocation. No matter if you are moving to Santa Fe or from Santa Fe, or you are moving within Santa Fe, having professional assistance when moving is useful. Good luck with the entire process. Start a new life in a new home stress-free.

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