Explore Morristown, New Jersey

New Jersey’s Morristown is know as the Capital of American Revolution. As such, there is a lot of interesting places to explore there. Just for example, it is home to the National Historical Park, which houses some important Revolutionary War sites such as the New Jersey Brigade Area, Fort Nonsense and General George Washington’s winter headquarters. To help you with your exploration, we have put together a guide on how to Explore Morristown, New Jersey.

Ford Mansion and Museum

Sticking with the Revolutionary War theme, the first thing to explore in Morristown is the Ford mansion and museum. This mansion was completed in 1774 by Jacob Ford Jr. Built in the Georgian Style, it is a classic 18th century style mansion. The mansion was used by the Continental Army as a winter encampment in the years 1779-1780. Today, the mansion was turned into a museum, and visitors can freely visit and explore on either guided or self-guided tours. The rich history here makes it a great place to move in with seniors. Anyone interested in war history is sure to find something interesting to explore here. But, of course, make sure you know how to help them deal with homesickness.

mansion exterior
The Ford Mansion and museum are a good place to visit for anyone interested in history.

Morris Museum

Next, for anyone interested in the arts, the Morris museum is one of the oldest arts and cultural institutions in New Jersey. This institution offers various programs, such as: theater, symposiums, science, history, arts, film and music. In addition, there are other unique performances available from time to time. Morris museum is the second largest institution of its kind in New Jersey. It also includes the Frelinghuysen mansion, which houses many permanent and rotating exhibits dealing in humanities, arts and sciences. When visiting Morristown, New Jersey, the Morris Museum is a place you have to experience for yourself.

George Griswold Frelinghuysen Arboretum

Anyone who wants to visit beautiful gardens should look no further than the George Griswold Frelinghuysen Arboretum. A sprawling botanical garden covering 127 acres of land on East Hanover Avenue. It is the regional center of horticultural activities as well as the headquarters of the Morris County Parks Commission. The Arboretum houses a majestic colonial revival mansion. With beautiful meadows, woodlands and garden of both native and exotic plants, a stroll through this Arboretum will surely leave you in awe. In addition, the Arboretum offers a full calendar of events. This includes garden ours, educational programs, cooking classes and lectures. Moving to Morristown simply to be close to the Arboretum is completely understandable, however you should know how to move during a rainstorm.

Building between trees
Visiting the Arboretum offers a one of a kind experience for anyone who enjoys gardens.

Jockey Hollow

Also within the National Historic Park, Jockey Hollow is a place anyone interested in war history should visit. This site was a vital encampment during the Revolutionary War. During the winter of 1779-1780, it housed most of the Continental Army. It features replica huts used by the soldiers during the war. Visitors can also explore some of these huts, as well as many exhibits at the park’s Visitor Center. And for those who want a break from the history, the park also offers 24 miles of hiking trails to explore.

Loantaka Brook Reservation

Looking for a place with beautiful nature> The Loantaka Brook Reservation is a scenic park and nature preserve with plenty of things to keep you busy outdoors. There are over eight miles of hiking and cycling trails, picnic areas for families, many sports fields and green spaces where you can relax. There are four distinct areas within the park: The Loantaka Way Trail, Seaton Hackney Stables, Kitchell Road Loantaka Brook and South Street recreation facilities. So, if you want to move to somewhere with plenty of interesting places as well as an array of options for both outdoors and indoors recreation, Morristown, New Jersey is the place for you. But, remember, when packing for your move: there are items which movers will refuse to move.

red leafed trees in park
The Loantaka Brook Reservation has plenty of places to enjoy nature and relax.

Fosterfields Living Historical Farm

If you are interested in how farming was back in 1920, then you can live that experience at Fosterfields Living Historical Farm. This is a fully working farm, using turn-of-the-century techniques and tools for daily activities. Everything is done just the same as a century ago. The farm offers visitors the opportunity to live through farming as it was in 1920, by allowing them to perform daily farm tasks: grooming horses, collecting eggs and feeding chickens, and so on. Visitors can additionally experience the farmers working first hand, using antique tools and methods. Also, visitors can take guided tours through the Gothic style mansions knows as the Willows. This mansion used to be residence of the previous owners.

Speedwell Ironworks

Located just north of downtown Morristown, in Speedwell Avenue, is the restored estate of Stephen Vail. This landmark, through the use of exhibits and displays, tells the story of Vails’ extensive ironworks. Most importantly, the restored factory shows where the first successful demonstration of the telegraph was shown by Alfred Vail and Samuel Morse, in 1838. Morristown, New Jersey, is the best place to be if you want to be close to both beautiful nature and rich history. However, experts from Van Express Movers recommend you prepare thoroughly before moving here, especially if moving in from out of state.

Lewis Morris Park

A county park with plenty to offer when it comes to outdoor activities. Lewis Morris Park offers areas for hiking, jogging, horse riding, fitness activities, camping and even ice skating. It is also home to Sunrise lake, where you can go canoeing, fishing and boating. The park also includes sledding, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing during winter.

Moving to Morristown, New Jersey

If moving to Morristown seems attractive to you, great. It is, generally, a great place to live. While the cost of life is somewhat higher than the national average, Morristown more than makes up for it through opportunities and interesting places to visit. Just keep in mind that finding experts is a good move when moving here. Having reliable and experienced movers to help you settle in is always a good call.

Closing thoughts

Morristown is a place full of rich history and beautiful nature, where you look. If you choose to move there, Morristown has plenty to keep you occupied. Simply visiting natural and historical landmarks could take a few years. We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to explore Morristown, New jersey, and we hope you found it helpful.


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