Budget planning tips for a luxury condo move in Los Angeles

It makes no difference if you’re going from the East Coast, another state, or the neighboring city. In any case, you should estimate your moving expenditures in case you need to start saving for the move. This article will give you the best budget planning tips for a luxury condo move in Los Angeles.

Figure Out What Services You Need

Just because you’re moving into a luxury condo and probably have money to spare doesn’t mean you should throw it all away on moving services. That’s why the first of our budget planning tips for a luxury condo move in Los Angeles is to determine all the services you will require for the relocation. That way, you could potentially save money on the upcoming move instead of wasting it on a service that you can do by yourself.

White-Glove Moving

When you’re moving into a new place with inexperienced movers, there’s a chance they’ll get careless and accidentally damage some of your stuff while trying to rush the job. If you’re someone who values their personal belongings, as all of us should be, you should avoid hiring just any movers. Your expensive items need extra care that only white glove movers can provide. While this might be a slightly more expensive option, it’s worth it in the long run, considering all your items will stay intact.

Movers moving boxes into a condo.
Make sure you hire reputable white glove movers for your luxury condo move in Los Angeles.

How To Pick The Right Movers

However, just like before hiring any movers, you should request a moving estimate. This will help you determine if the service fits into your budget and if there is a more affordable option. To determine a precise cost, some movers will even ask to look at your belongings before moving.

Interview your movers

By interviewing a few different companies and getting a few moving estimates from different movers, you can determine which company offers the best service for the best price. Don’t forget to check their online reviews to verify movers are good. Experts at Good Neighbors Moving Company suggest looking at moving companies with three stars – a golden middle. Other movers might be deleting or hiding their reviews. You should also look out for comments that are way too general or too descriptive, as they’re most likely fake.


If you currently live in a big house with lots of belongings, you may require assistance when packing. There are two ways you can solve this.

1. Ask Your Friends & Family

If you’re looking to save a little bit of cash on relocation, you can ask your friends and family to help you pack for a move. This, of course, means you will have to supervise everything and stay on top of everyone to make sure nothing gets labeled wrong or ends up in the wrong box. You’ll also need to calculate by yourself how much packing supplies you’ll need for the move. Moreover, you should also research some packing tips and tricks to make it easier for everyone.

Woman packing her stuff for luxury condo move in Los Angeles.
When planning your budget, determine whether you can pack all your belongings by yourself or you need to hire help.

2. Hire Professional Packing Services

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like packing all your stuff by yourself. Professional moving packing businesses can come to your home and pack all your belongings for you. Packing services will take care of everything from the sorting, wrapping, and packing of boxes. Moreover, you can also delegate the purchase of moving goods to them, making your relocation even less stressful. Just make sure you secure enough of the budget for this service from the start.

Prepare well in advance

When it comes to budget planning for a luxury condo move in Los Angeles, your first step should always be to determine your moving budget. Because relocation isn’t inexpensive, it’s wise to be well prepared for all costs.


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