Best places to live in Fairfax County VA

There are lots of things to consider when searching for a perfect location to be your new home! That’s why when you start hunting for your ideal area in Fairfax County VA, you have to pay attention to numerous stuff. Anyway, this part of Virginia has lots of great communities to offer. And if you want to begin a new chapter here, all you have to do next is to set up your priorities, so you can find the most suitable option. To have a starting point, you should keep reading this article. Here, you will discover what are some of the best places to live in Fairfax County VA.

No matter where in Fairfax County you decide to move to, this area in VA will offer you a laid-back and small-town atmosphere. Things that attract newcomers are education opportunities, great living standards, and beautiful outdoor attractions and activities. To become a resident and to enjoy all those benefits, you should start working on your relocation right now! Introduce yourself to Fairfax County and what it has to offer to locals. Then, begin househunting, collect some of the best money-saving tips for your upcoming move, and plan the adjustment period! Once you take care of those things, you will be ready for everything Fairfax County has at your disposal!

A woman is searching for one of the best places to live in Fairfax County VA.
Before you begin searching for a perfect location in Fairfax County, make sure you are aware of everything this area has to offer!

When searching for one of the best places to live in Fairfax County VA

Once you discover some reasons why you should start a new life somewhere in Fairfax County, it is time to find the right area that will be your home! This won’t be an easy job, and because of that, you will need all the help you can get. So, it would be wise to ask some real estate agents to assist you with searching for a perfect location and housing option.

For the next process, you might want to use the services of a company such as Helix Transfer & Storage. This firm has professionals who will be by your side whenever you require them. These experts will assist you to organize the move wherever you want in Fairfax County, and they will help you transfer your items easily and stress-free. And if you want to have a smooth transition, no matter where in this part of VA you want to relocate to, you will need someone like them at your disposal.


This is one of the most amazing places that you should consider living in Fairfax County! Alexandria will offer you a wide range of wonderful residential options, lots of events, and great business opportunities. Apart from that, this area is kid and pet friendly, it has numerous restaurants, riverfront spots, and many other things. If you want to begin exploring Alexandria as soon as possible, you should start planning the move right away!. Learn what to expect from professional packers, hire some movers, and organize the process properly. Then, move in, and then go out and discover what else Alexandria has to offer!

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Do your best to find one of the best places to live in Fairfax County VA!


The next place you should also consider moving to is, for sure, MCLean! And this community can be a great solution, especially if you have plans to start a new life in Fairfax County with your family. MCLean is very friendly, the people are quite welcoming, and the environment is pretty pleasant. You should also know that this location is wealthy, the housing prices and living costs are higher than other spots in VA. Apart from that, MCLean will offer you art, culture, outstanding schools, and numerous things to entertain yourself. 

So, if you like these things about MCLean, and you want to learn more, well, you should think about relocating to this part of Fairfax County. All you have to do is to prepare for househunting and hire some MCLean-based experts to help you settle in. You see, when relocating, it is recommendable to work with moving professionals. Those people will do everything in their power to help you move in and place your belongings easily and in no time. Thanks to them, you will be able to start enjoying MCLean sooner than you think! 

Centreville is also one of the best places to live in Fairfax County VA

One more location that should be worthy of your attention is, of course, Centerville. This area is pretty special, and regardless of how old you are, you will feel like you belong here. Centerville will offer you lots of parks, numerous hiking, and biking trails, and many more places to spend time outdoors. Apart from that, you will also find something to entertain yourself. In Centerville, you will have lots of restaurants, bars, stores, and many more options to enjoy. In other words, you will never be bored here once you become a resident. When mentioning that, here are some 4 apps that make moving easier when the right time comes for you to relocate to this part of Fairfax County.

Park in Fairfax County in VA.
No matter what part of Fairfax County you choose to live in, you won’t make a mistake!

Some other parts of Fairfax County you might be interested in

  • Annandale
  • Chantilly
  • Tysons Corner
  • Oakton
  • Rose Hill

When searching for the perfect location in Fairfax County to be your new home, you must take your time! And, when the right moment comes for you to relocate to this part of Virginia, make sure to remember that. Anyway, no matter what spot you select, one thing is for sure! Fairfax County is pretty special, and it has a wide range of opportunities to offer. So, whether you have plans to move here because of business, family, entertainment, you won’t be disappointed with the stuff you will have at your disposal. And to fully experience those options, you need to focus on looking for one of the best places to live in Fairfax County VA! When you become a resident, you will have plenty of time to adapt to the new environment, meet new people, and enjoy all the benefits this spot in VA has!

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