Amazing California places for retirees

Finally, retirement is just around the corner. Your entire life you worked on taking care of your family, working on your career and so much more. Eventually, there comes a time with a certain age that it is the perfect moment to slow down. For most people, this certain time hits us once retirement starts. Very often, during our retirement, we get the urge to move somewhere where we can truly find our inner peace and enjoy life. And what better place to start a calm and relaxing chapter of our lives than in California. There are many amazing California places for retirees and we are sharing with you our absolute favorites.

Best California places for retirees

When the time comes, you will visit and book your relocation. But, before you get to that point there is a lot that needs to be done. Sure, you need to find the ideal property for your needs and wants. However, even before that, you need to target just the right location that you will spend the rest of your life in. So, here are a few excellent ideas that you can explore if looking to settle down somewhere fabulous during your retirement.

Two red wooden chairs on green grass, turned towards the ocean waters.
Californian nature will be something you will want to enjoy every single day.


The pandemic has changed the wants and desires of real estate buyers, and as a result, people are looking to live in places that are surrounded by nature. If you are looking to spend your days reading in the park or hiking in the mountains, Visalia might be the perfect spot for you. Kings Canyon National Parks are beautiful and colorful all year long. The mountains are very close by and there is plenty more to enjoy if you have an outdoorsy soul. Also, there is one more very important detail. This town is much more affordable than other coastal California places for retirees. Thus, if the money is on the tighter side, this can be a great living solution.

Redondo Beach

Next, we have something a bit more expensive, but very much worth it. What can be more pleasant than enjoying every day a gorgeous sunset while relaxing on the beach? That would be in store for you if you decide to relocate to Redondo Beach. Not much can beat relaxation and fun in the sun. Just don’t forget your sunscreen. In case you decide this is where you need to be, help is around the corner. Rondo Beach movers can make sure you are relocated to your new place in a jiffy and without any stress.

Street in one of the most amazing California places for retirees.
Redondo Beach will be a great choice for the elderly that are looking to enjoy the sun all year long.


Here we have another excellent spot for all looking to spend plenty of time outside. If you were planning on buying a house in Pembroke Pines, this can be a great alternative. It might not be located on the Ocean but there are plenty of breathtaking lakes in close proximity that you can enjoy. The best part about  Fresno is that it is affordable to the elderly that are on a stricter budget.

Agoura Hills

We also have something in store for those that want to spend retirement in more luxurious surroundings. And why not? If you can afford it, this is the best time to enjoy it! This charming town is located in the Santa Monica Mountains region of Los Angeles County. It is a diverse area that is culturally rich and very fun. Residents are welcoming and outgoing. You can easily find help in the area since there are quite a few Agoura Hills movers that can help you relocate. With their assistance, you will move into your new Cali home in no time.

Santa Rosa

We have a solution for those that love the beach, as well as for those that like the mountains. Still, where are those excellent California places for retirees close to vineyards? Don’t worry, if you like to end your day with a nice glass of vino, we have a solution for you as well! Santa Rosa is the perfect place for those that want to enjoy great wine and nature in their older age. When it comes to the happiness radar, this town and its residents set the bar really high.

A small and cozy house in Santa Rosa
A small and cozy home close to a vineyard is exactly what the doctors order once you enter your old age.

Moving to California with the right help

When a certain age hits, relocating gets even hard. We don’t have as much energy and we don’t have the strength. So, as much as we might like to put our back into it, it might not be the best idea. Also, there are so many excellent moving companies, thus there is no need to put yourself through mental and physical stress when it is not needed. So, how can you find those reliable and experienced movers that we keep mentioning? With the help of our website, you will find the best possible movers for your budget and for your moving needs. Not only will professional movers safely transport your belonging, but they can pack you and do so much more for you during your moving day and before it.

When retirement comes around the block, Cali is the place to be

When all is said and done, and a nice chunk of your life has passed you by, you have no time to waste. Every minute and every memory should count for something special. For that reason, you should choose your next hometown carefully and that is when our California places for retirees come into play. Check them out and see what they are about. Once you experience them, even for a brief time, you will see what California is all about and why so many choose to call it their home.

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